In 2014, CEO Watt R. Foster Jr. donated 500 acres to Thomas Road Baptist Church to build a youth camp at the Peaks of Otter in the Blue Ridge Mountains. 766A7725-2-69.smallWith over 50 years of camp involvement, Thomas Road Baptist Church’s mission for the camp is to reach at-risk youth from Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, Maryland, and the DC area. Designed with numerous outdoor activities, the Thomas Road Outpost (TRO) opened in 2016, and provides a safe and ministry-led environment where youth can enjoy mountain biking, ziplining, fishing, archery, building healthy relations, and more.

Peaks View.smallDonations are always welcome to help fund additional construction, camp activities, and equipment. If you would like to join in giving, learn more about TRO, or financially support the ministry, donate online.

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As a family-owned-and-operated company, Foster Fuels strongly believes that when our community succeeds, we succeed. That’s why CEO Watt R. Foster Jr. donated 500 acres last year to Thomas Road Baptist Church to help build the Thomas Road Outpost, a youth camp at the Peaks of Otter. This youth will provide a safe and ministry-led camp where local youth can enjoy numerous activities including fishing, archery, mountain biking, ziplining, and more. If you would like to join in giving to this cause, either financially or through giving, please visit Thomas Road Baptist Church, where you can make a donation and find out more about this community project.

Construction is underway to build a youth camp after president and CEO of Foster Fuels, Watt R. Foster Jr., donated 500 acres to Thomas Road Baptist Church. The property was donated on Sunday, May 11, 2014, in honor of Foster’s dad, Watt R. “Bobby” Foster, Sr., who passed away in April.

Foster Fuels believes that when the community succeeds, we all succeed. That’s why it is encouraging the community to join in giving to the cause, either financially or through service. Donations are encouraged and can be made through Thomas Road Baptist Church.