Foster Fuels proudly announces the re-christening of its philanthropic arm, formerly known as the Watt Foster Family Foundation, into the Foster Foundation. This evolution comes as the foundation marks a significant milestone, collecting 5,518 coats for distribution in their annual ‘Spread the Warmth’ campaign, underscoring their commitment to serving women, children, and veterans’ organizations via multiple partnerships within the communities they serve.

Watt and Jennifer Bryant-Foster, along with the foundation board, which includes Watt’s daughter Katie Foster-Rolfe, have been instrumental in steering the foundation’s growth and engagement initiatives since its inception in 2018. Their vision has been a catalyst for positive change, raising the bar for philanthropy and community engagement for everyone at Foster Fuels. “We’re excited to unveil the name “Foster Foundation”, because it reflects the growth from a passion project of our family to a full-scale company-wide commitment to volunteerism and service within our community,” said Watt Foster, President of Foster Fuels.

The Foster Foundation’s successful 2023 ‘Spread the Warmth’ campaign celebrates a union of efforts between Foster Fuels employees, passionate about volunteerism, and the Foundation’s mission. This milestone not only exemplifies the Foundation’s dedication but also echoes the core values and commitment embedded in the Foster Fuels brand promise, “Foster Goes Further.”

“Our journey to 5,518 coats in this year’s ‘Spread the Warmth’ campaign is a testament to the collective efforts of our employees, our valuable community partners, and the Foundation’s alignment with our brand’s ethos of going further to make a meaningful difference.”

The Foster Foundation will continue to expand its outreach and impact, crediting each Foster Fuels employee with an annual paid day of volunteerism, and $1000 charitable contributions to the local organization of choice on behalf of each employee completing 101 volunteer hours in a calendar year. The rebranding signifies an evolution in the Foundation’s reach, aiming to amplify its effectiveness in addressing the diverse needs of communities across Central Virginia.